My family resides in Southeast Texas and my second home is in the East Texas Piney Woods at a deer lease called Dry Bean Hunting Club.  My wife daughter and I have it going on in our little home and I am content there living an unbelievably fulfilling life.  God often catches me off guard with his grace and the blessings he lays on this, his undeserving, sinner.  I am truly blessed by, and with, my wife and daughter everyday of my life.

Hunting takes me to the woods where I commune with God and (mostly) Godly men.

I figured out some time back that computing and networking were fascinating and intuitive for me.  I went back to school and changed my life, and ultimately my wife’s life as well.  I could not have accomplished what I have were it not for her encouragement and support.  Once I “made it” in technology I encouraged and supported her move to a new vocation in photography.  Check her out at www.hearttouchimages.com.

Prayer provides me insight to my heart and it is from communing with God that I take direction in life.  I have stared down some pretty dang tough stuff and choked down my share of pride.  At the end of the day I know I am blessed and highly favored.  God fashioned me with all that is needed for a rich and rewarding life.  I do my best day by day to be a good steward of these gifts (ain’t it true James?).

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  1. Lee says:

    Thanks Newt!

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