Owning a life (preview)

Here is some (edited) content from an email I sent, to my daughter Allison, today:

In a discussion with my boss yesterday I mentioned that I have been writing the same book about my life over and over for the last twenty years.  He asked what was the main message.  I answered “Owning a life”.  The ultimate key to happiness is owning your life.  That includes owning your need for help from others and giving the offer of that help its due.  We all need help from others at every moment in our life.  


In all areas of your life, step up and take ownership.  Ask God for help in this because no human being can help you do this.  Assuming that ownership will result in true self-assurance and confidence, which equals satisfaction and happiness.  Do not let anyone rob you of this opportunity no matter their “good intentions”.  Your life and the choices you make in it are 100% your responsibility.

Here is a prayer I say routinely … “God, take my will and my life, guide me in my recovery.”  This prayer is short but has a deep and rich history with me, and many others.  It takes very little time to say but can greatly impact my outlook and attitude when I am challenged by life.

OK … I am shutting up now.  I love you so much baby girl!


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