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Own Today, and Everyday

Below is a message from me to my most beautiful daughter Allison. I have just finished our phone call in which you had just left the office after quitting your job. Again, congratulations on how you handled the process! My … Continue reading

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Finding Things In Plain Sight

Whilst I may be good at finding things which are lost, I absolutely suck at seeing things right in front of me. My wife, Katherine the great, is renowned for putting things down in the most unlikely of places. The … Continue reading

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Katherine at 59

Here I am at sixty-four, Feeling no different than I did before, Sharing a Love, sharing a life, With a drop dead beauty as my wife. At the tender age of fifty-nine, It’s a conundrum that boggles the mind, How … Continue reading

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My Wife Caught Me Doing It!

For quite a while I have turned down our bed in the evening. It is one a few ways I do such small things in attempt to silently honor my wife and to let her know how much I appreciate, … Continue reading

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Sensual Renaissance

Who’d have thought, it would happen for us? We are now, what we were once, Who’d have thought, I could still make her blush? My wife and I, in a sensual renaissance.   When did I stop, seeing what I … Continue reading

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Somebody Shoot Me Before I Get There

Dementia will come like my dad they say, I still have some sense but have little hair, Signs are showing I’m on the way, Somebody shoot me before I get there.   My brother has sense and more hair than … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts About Stuttering, and Me

Most of my life I self-identified as a stutterer. Today I see myself as a writer. Apples and oranges, you say? Perhaps. Today my drive for effective communication may be derived by limitations imposed on me by my stutter. As … Continue reading

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