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Somebody Shoot Me Before I Get There

Dementia will come like my dad they say, I still have some sense but have little hair, Signs are showing I’m on the way, Somebody shoot me before I get there.   My brother has sense and more hair than … Continue reading

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The Man in Your Eye

When I look in your eyes who do I see, The person you love looking back at me, Confident, brash, cocky yet wise, Blessed and favored, is the man in your eye.   The man I see is nothing without … Continue reading

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Sick and Tired, One Day At a Time

While his tortured mind could not grasp the actuality of it, Lee was, in all actuality, sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, one day at a time. Being sick and tired is devastatingly disabling. While it may seem … Continue reading

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The blue Ford F-150 like an anchor was heling drown him in debt. An ache in his belly was real enough, though not nearly as deadly as it felt. With no prospect change, he was driven by only one thing, … Continue reading

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The Fair Drew Gets a Shot

When Wint was just a little fella, he had more friends than you can count using all the fingers and toes on both hands and feet. There were of course his four siblings, who were mostly friendly. Then there were … Continue reading

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After a respite …

After a relatively short respite, I’m back … with an attitude. An attitude of gratitude. Not including the obvious, e.g. my wife, daughter, family and friends; here are some things for which I am grateful this morning … I am … Continue reading

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Good Whiskey, Cheap Cigars and Fine Women

Last night I sat outside with a friend imbibing on good whiskey and cheap cigars. As the whiskey flowed the cigars became stubs the nature of the give and take rose and fell with the unsteadiness of our capacity to … Continue reading

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