Good Whiskey, Cheap Cigars and Fine Women

Last night I sat outside with a friend imbibing on good whiskey and cheap cigars. As the whiskey flowed the cigars became stubs the nature of the give and take rose and fell with the unsteadiness of our capacity to sustain attention on elusive trains of thought. The camaraderie between us was heightened by the soft cadence of voices and lilting laughter from our wives who kept safe distance from the odorous assault of our activities. We later joined these fine women as they regaled the other with narratives of our manly exploits in times gone by. Such exploits as surely we would never let on to when socializing with other manly men.

Good friends, good times, good whiskey, cheap cigars, fine women … Good God.

– Wint

About Wint

Pray, love, parent, play, give back... repeat.
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