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Living Carefree

Thank you God for the gift of life, Thank you also for free will, Challenges in my day are rife, What a ride, what a thrill! To a Friend, Take responsibility and be a good steward of Godly gifts.  Recognizing … Continue reading

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I’m In a Love Affair!

The longer I am married the more I find myself considering the value of marriage. In my particular circumstance I have been married 22 years. My wife and I were married when she was 34 and I 39. Our marital … Continue reading

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Wisdom is Dear and Paid in Tears

What is the price when naïveté is lost? What is the currency and who pays the cost? The wise pay the toll for emerging fears, For wisdom is dear and paid in tears

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How to Ice a Double Layer Cake

Having on numerous occasions attempted to ice a double layer cake I can tell you it is no easy task. This however is not the reason I write today and not what you came to read. My Mother could ice … Continue reading

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Opening Morning 2013

No moon, cold, no wind, perfect conditions for opening morning. Gun shooting straight, nothing missing from my pack. On stand well before day break, prime time. It is now 9:20 and I have seen no game. Not even a crow. … Continue reading

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