How to Ice a Double Layer Cake

Having on numerous occasions attempted to ice a double layer cake I can tell you it is no easy task. This however is not the reason I write today and not what you came to read.

My Mother could ice a double layer cake like nobody’s business. Knowing my mother I know she did not double the icing recipe, though this would no doubt make the task ever so much easier, as we were too poor to be so frivolous with the monies required to do this.

My evidence that she was an awesome cake maker is not rooted in the appearance of the cake but rather in the fact my brother and I knew we could count on getting an iced graham cracker as a treat each time she baked a cake.

So if you have kids and you make cakes, this is how you should do it. Your child will grow up knowing that you are the world’s best cake maker and this is definitely how to ice a double layer cake!


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