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Sensual Renaissance

Who’d have thought, it would happen for us? We are now, what we were once, Who’d have thought, I could still make her blush? My wife and I, in a sensual renaissance.   When did I stop, seeing what I … Continue reading

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Texans Who are Women are Liberated

In my estimation women’s liberation in Texas is a non-issue. At least as far as Texas bred women are concerned. My wife, who is not Texas bred, is liberated, showing that women who come to Texas may also become liberated. … Continue reading

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Girls are Good, Boys are Bad

It’s a reason girl starts with “g”, and a reason boy starts with “b”. It’s because girls are good, and boys are bad. You might find that statement a wrong, or even sexist, thing to say, but hear me out. … Continue reading

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You see, Granny was a witch …

My most cherished memory of my Granny was her calling me to her so she might rub my warts. You might find it strange that a grandmother would want to rub her grandson’s warts, but it was nothing unusual, or … Continue reading

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Throwing jabs, bobbing and dancing just like Ali …

Truth be told, Dad likely had ulterior motives when he bought me and Barb boxing gloves. Heck, it might have even been his idea! While not clearly remembering how we came to get the gloves, I remember quite clearly the … Continue reading

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My Email About the Adult Diaper Market …

Long ago I fairly stopped emailing articles, but sorry, cannot help myself this morning … this is too relevant to the times to not. Now the title of this article is kind of funny in itself … “any one of … Continue reading

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This is Who I Am, Really!

The fair Katherine works on her feet all day as a scrub tech. She has busy days for certain. It is not uncommon for Katherine to … gracefully, yes … that’s the word … ask for a foot massage. Which, … Continue reading

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