Identity, Grievances, and Economic Determinants of Stuttering

It just dawned on me … “stutters have been held back by, and in, society since the dawn of time.” This may be MY ticket to ride. If only I could get enough stutters together, we could have our own grievance group by which to gain funds from the government, or crowdsourcing, or from … SOMEWHERE! SOMEBODY! (We will need to find a spokesperson though. This, obviously, may kill everything b-b-before we e-e-even g-g-get g-g-going. The world is so unfair! WWWWAAAAHHHH!!!!)


(D’t h8 me cuz im m-m-me)


(ps … note 2 self maybe baggyass old white guy group? evry1 h8s us yeah! thts it!)

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Pray, love, parent, play, give back... repeat.
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