Texans Who are Women are Liberated

In my estimation women’s liberation in Texas is a non-issue. At least as far as Texas bred women are concerned. My wife, who is not Texas bred, is liberated, showing that women who come to Texas may also become liberated. She achieved, this apparent lofty perch, by simply living in Texas. Simply put, women living in Texas become liberated by living amongst Texans.

Some who live in Texas might argue the above statements are not true in practice. Texans, by and large, will agree. Take me for example. I am a born and bred Texan and I agree with everything I just wrote. I find myself unable to argument against any of it.

In all summations there exist outliers. For this exercise, we are throwing outliers out of the equation, thereby normalizing results. One might argue this skews the actual and true results. This is a fair and well-reasoned argument, and you should write your own article, no doubt to others benefit. For now, get on board and keep reading. Or, shut the “f” up and go away. “Screw You, We’re From Texas.”

Upon what basis do I aver these things as fact? Find below my assertions of why Texas women are liberated:

  • The word “Texan” is gender neutral. Texas women are Texans, as are its men.
  • Texans that are women understand that young rowdy Texans that are men, are studs at their core, and all that implies. Such as they are, they are a leaky vessel into which one might be tempted to pore their heart. They might try to break them to the post, but will likely be disappointed should they succeed. Best to get caught on occasion, but not try to ride. They know the stud will break himself on their alter, once he has tired of running. For there is nothing in this world more attractive and desired, than a Texan who is a woman.
  • Texans have no interest in being responsible for things for which they have no intrinsic responsibility.
  • Texans believe it is their responsibility to own their life and to be responsible for their freely made choices. They expect all others to do the same.
  • Texans will throw a race if a team member stumbles. Texans will leave a team member on the bench if they don’t prepare. Texas teams are made up of women and men.
  • Texans who are women are resourceful and adaptive. This is most easily seen in Texans who are women whilst they are killing, eviscerating, fixing, mowing, going to work, and other such “manly” activities. Not all Texans who are women easily fit into a mold. That’s okay by other Texans, whether they are other women from Texas or other men from Texas.
  • No matter the choices a person makes, true Texans will abide them, as long as that person owns the choice and its consequences, and especially does not require validation of the properness of said choice. If you made the bed, you may lie in it, even if it is by yourself.
  • Texas women boldly state their views, and Texas men listen when they speak. This is because everyone goes to bed at some point in the night, and this is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak.
  • For many reasons, Texans are proud. While they may also be proud of themselves, this is muted by humility. For amongst those who boldly meet life head on, are many opportunities for humiliation. Humiliation has a tempering effect on self-pride.
  • Texans honor one another by bolstering one another for what each are good at. When one Texan is best suited to a job, they are left to it. Through the millennia, Texans have gone with the flow when it comes to who does what chores. It is by this manner of execution that has men doing the killing, and women doing the cooking. Evisceration comes naturally to me, by way of my upbringing, as does cooking to my wife. We spend no time, nor expend any effort or breath, in figuring out why.
  • Texans like nothing better than to help. When someone appears broke down on the side of the road, just by putting on their blinkers, raising their hood, or simply by standing there looking forlorn, someone is likely to stop and offer a jump, a tire change, or a cell phone. Results will vary, based on looks, and “yes” … on gender. I am far less likely to render aid to a young scruffy ornery looking guy, than to a woman, no matter her age or appearance.
  • Texas men love to do what they are good at. Texans love to show off. This is why we love to work and love to change flat tires. Okay, especially for women.
  • Texans that are women are rarely demure, so … “Get your biscuits in the oven and your buns in the bed!”
  • Texans that are men know how to dance for one reason – they hang with Texans that are women.
  • Texans, whether they are women, or they are men, won’t apologize for how they are any more than they could apologize for where they’re from. Were only from one place, Texas. That’s all we know how to be. Again, “Screw You, We’re From Texas.”
  • Texans who are women hold a special place in the hearts of Texans, whether they are women from Texas or men from Texas. This is because we know women to be our mothers, our sisters, our nurturers, and our healers. We don’t hold these womanly attributes to be applicable to anyone who might not be from Texas, but do hold them to be how it is in Texas.

Around here, that would be in Texas, they say there are but two kinds in this world – Texans, and those who wish they were. Anyone who disagrees with this either has not been to Texas, or they are just being disagreeable for meanness sake.


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