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This is Who I Am, Really!

The fair Katherine works on her feet all day as a scrub tech. She has busy days for certain. It is not uncommon for Katherine to … gracefully, yes … that’s the word … ask for a foot massage. Which, … Continue reading

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Granny’s Candy

One of my most vivid memories as a boy is Granny’s candy. Not only may her candy be some of the greatest candy ever made, it is tied to Christmas, giving it perhaps the strongest synapse connection that could possibly … Continue reading

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Identity, Grievances, and Economic Determinants of Stuttering

It just dawned on me … “stutters have been held back by, and in, society since the dawn of time.” This may be MY ticket to ride. If only I could get enough stutters together, we could have our own … Continue reading

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If I were to write, and you to read …

If I were to write, and you to read, A poem or piece, that was sure to please, Would you, in a heartfelt reply, Relay your thoughts, or let them die?   Knowing you to be good of person, Of … Continue reading

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Cut that part off …

So … how to let folks know what kind of people are my wife and I? Hmmm … here is a quick peak into shared behavior that might provide some insight … We were just sitting down to eat and … Continue reading

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What Is Mama?

Child’s first word, Source of living things, Milk donor, Sustenance procurement specialist, Ruler of the galley, Icing prodigy, Medical practitioner extraordinaire, Splinter and ear wax excavator, Domestic goddess, Protector of scary things, Value assurance … (somebody loves me), Progenitor of … Continue reading

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As I tread the boards in my dramatic life interpretation,

The following brain dump will likely be a bit dry and confusing if you have not witness my struggles to step through this life without tripping over myself, or my at least my tongue (that right there is an inside … Continue reading

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