This is gonna hurt …

No amount of reading, talking, advising or warning replaces practical experience as an educator. Wisdom is thus attained.

One might wish to save another the frustration, anger, pain and humiliation associated with practical experience, but for most people the only lasting lesson will be derived from a tripping face plant.

The allure of touching the flame will ever win out over cautionary advice coming from those who have previously succumbed.

To allow another to attain perspective is tough love all round. It is tough to witness the other attain the perspective and the other will find tough recovery from the perspective.

Perspective comes at a price that cannot be paid by another. Dig deep for currency, in all its forms.

Who in their right mind allows a child access to a bicycle? Because risks and rewards are intrinsically related.

My child has reached the life stage where independence is commanding . My love and my clarity of thought is challenged as I try to let go. The illusion of control is as alluring as a flame. Will I be burned yet again?

– Wint

About Wint

Pray, love, parent, play, give back... repeat.
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