For Allison’s Mom (1992)


The month we were married our child was conceived,

At first I was shocked it was hard to believe.

Denial was instant so great was my fear,

It was what I wanted but now it was here.


As the months rolled by you began to show,

Fear planted some seeds so doubt could grow.

Some I shared and some I hid,

Never mind what I thought it matters what we did.


What we started then we referred to as nesting,

It was prompted by how our baby was resting.

Wider and lower your belly did grow,

Soon it would be time to the hospital we’d go.


The closer it got the more my doubts grew,

How little I had and how little I knew.

I read all the books, I went to the classes,

No longer could I see through rose colored glasses.


The time it was here no going back,

With all that we had and all that we lacked.

To the hospital we went,

For the blessed event.


Deep slow breathing, empty your bladder,

Trained we had been to deal with this matter.

Between the contractions how nice it would be,

When you opened your eyes and still smilled at me.


Then it was started the Petosin drip,

Soon I knew it would be a really rough trip.

Full on contractions the drip it had brought,

Stronger were you than ever I thought.


As I strained to listen from your lips this did spring,

“Keep your eyes opened don’t miss a thing,

This is the last time you’ll ever see this”,

I laughed as I cried and gave you a kiss.


The things I felt as we went through birth,

Took me so high I felt not of this earth.

As I look back it’s not at all odd,

What I had felt between us was God.


When I first held Allison so light in my arms,

In my heart I knew our lives had been charmed.

As I passed her to you I could see in your eyes,

My dreams as a child and the path of our lives.


On the next morning as I took a walk,

To the chapel I went and to God I did talk.

I thanked him for all the things He had done,

I thanked Him most for Allison.


I wondered who else might have come there to pray,

I thought of the sorrow that might fill their days.

And so I ask God where ever they be,

Share in this blessing of my family.




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Pray, love, parent, play, give back... repeat.
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