As I tread the boards in my dramatic life interpretation,

The following brain dump will likely be a bit dry and confusing if you have not witness my struggles to step through this life without tripping over myself, or my at least my tongue (that right there is an inside joke … funny as heck, I don’t care who you are. H/T: Larry the Cable Guy.).

“As I tread the boards in my dramatic life interpretation, God delights in my performance. Of this, I am certain. Should you tire of the play, please allow me to see you leave. I’ll see you in the funny papers.” Wint (2015)

Any more serious address to life than this puts one’s foot on a path to fool’s errand. Lee (2015)

The preceding are gives and takes between my alter egos. Neither has the base from which to secure a good leaping off place into such deep waters, but both nonetheless take the plunge. This provides my superego a view of the pool in which my id and ego play battleship.

You are seated in my theater and indeed are invited to leave at your leisure. You will however be unable to un-see the performance to this point.

If you have chosen to remain seated, please … keep reading. (We will parody those fools later in the show. Patience is its own reward!)

Why are some gifted with perspective and others courage? Can one simultaneously exhibit perspective and courage? If yes, I suspect such individuals are rarely seen public and rarely, if ever, reported. Is the commander exhibiting courage when he commands the troops into the breach from his behind the lines perch? Are the soldiers exhibiting perspective when they follow their commanders orders? Are they each the id or ego of some unseen superego? Perhaps there exists in society an apparatchik (From <>) manipulating players at the behest of the apparat.

Were it not for a higher power, we would all be bait fish.

Me? I have perspective. My (adorable) wife? She has courage. She may spontaneously display her passion and logic. Behavior of which I am, apparently, incapable. In a post mortem of such display, I may provide astute retrospect. She, Mrs. Adorable (I am after all, married to her), may perceive fair and suitably judgment. Is this the source of the shared marital bliss? I suppose answering such complexities is well above my pay grade.

So …

To Maria … “I love him.” “Toula” Portokalos (2002)

To Toula … “Eat something!” Maria Portokalos (2010)

– Wint

About Wint

Pray, love, parent, play, give back... repeat.
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