If a Man Has Faith

This might be better read in context with an earlier article I wrote many years ago:


If, as a result of divine revelation, a man has faith, what be just punishment for behavior contrary to his faith? Some amongst us say eternal damnation would be his just reward. What would allow a man to take such a risk?

When a man is born into this world, is he wholly good to start out? My belief is yes, he is good and worthy of all blessings so relatively recently bestowed.

When does a man reach the point that he is morally responsible? At adulthood? When is that?

Before having become morally responsible, who bears the blame for shaping his morals?

When a baby is born the mother is morally responsible for its wellbeing. Fathers share this moral responsibility of course but he may not still be living or may not be suited to the task. Compared to the mother’s, the father’s emotional and spiritual connection to the child is less than by virtue of his having not lived with the child in the same manner as the mother prior to birth. For many this disparity in parent to child closeness persists longer than for others, and for some the disparity is never made up. If for no other reason than this, a mother’s rights to the child are greater and onus for upbringing heavier. (Dare not say this is not fair. This is life, which by its nature is not fair.) If this be true, does the mother bear more blame for immoral adult children than does the father? Mother’s should get a pass on … most things.

I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe he was a man who walked this earth and that he indeed proclaimed to be the Son of God the Father. I believe this with all my heart to be true. I believe He foretold the story of His death and believe He spoke to God on that fateful day of Blessing. I believe I also am a son of God the Father. I believe I am the brother of Jesus and the brother of all mankind. I believe every sentence in this paragraph began with the word “I”. So sayeth Wint.

Should another person write down the story of Christ’s life and while doing so make proclamations about God and His nature, who amongst us may say that his proclamations are false? Who amongst us may say that another man may be in sin because he does not adhere to another’s proclamations? Is it not sufficient to claim one’s own beliefs in Christ?

When two are gathered and between them exists a communion of belief, are they so by empowered to levy punishment on another who does not share their beliefs?

As does practice within all the various colors and hues of church, paradox abounds in the Written Word . My Father leaves me not at the mercy of another but rather girds my loins with armor. Yet, caution is wise.

When any man asserts the nature of God, he attempts to usurp God’s authority. Woe be to him, and to any who might agree with his assentation’s.

None amongst us today will be with me when I leave this world. Should my spirit persist beyond my perception of current reality and I am yet aware of this life, I expect to stand alone and hope I have honored God by execution of this life, which he generously bestowed on me. I believe the gift of life Given by God is a commandment to own it and to execute it. I believe my life execution will be the basis for God’s judgement in my afterlife, should one exist and should He chose to Bless me a second time.

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