My Wife Caught Me Doing It!

For quite a while I have turned down our bed in the evening. It is one a few ways I do such small things in attempt to silently honor my wife and to let her know how much I appreciate, and love, her.

Some months ago I heard her ask, rhetorically, “Do you fluff my pillow every night too?” The manner in which she posed the question was more observationally, if not a bit defensively. It seemed to me at the time that perhaps she was in some way challenging herself for not doing such things for me. Truth be told, she spoils me in ways too many to hold forth here. No man, ever, has been better loved than me. And I know it. To the depth of my core being, I know it.

Keeping in mind that I’ve never schemed to ensure I was not observed fluffing her pillow, it just happens that my turning down the bed most often occurs whilst I am isolated with other activities, mainly involving the bathroom. Like brushing before bed time. Well, she busted me the other night! As I was fluffing, she walked through the bedroom door, and excitedly shouted, “You do fluff my pillow! You are too good to me!” Of course I immediately professed the things I laid out in the paragraph above, how she spoils me, my love and appreciation for her.

The longer we live and love each other, the more often these scenarios play out for us. How prescient were my words to friends when I married Katherine I couldn’t have known at the time. Those words went something like this, “Marriage is the most freeing thing that ever happened to me.” As then, today I am able to simply love my wife. No longer did I need to prove anything to her, or to myself. We pledged vows and were committed.

Lord please, let me never forget from whence my Blessings, and blessing come. From the Love of my God, and the love of my wife, the Fair Katherine.


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1 Response to My Wife Caught Me Doing It!

  1. Katherine Pylant says:

    I love you too!!!!!

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