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You and Me, Yin and Yang

Who is yin, and who is yang, My protest is muted, yours is bang, Look before leap, for this I’m renown, You figure it out on the way down.   Is someone wrong, anyone right? Is someone day, anyone night? … Continue reading

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When love was young, and yours was mine

Love was young and yours was mine,  Nascent marriage was a well of hope, Though many hills we’d have to climb, Our passion was sufficient to the slope.   Passion indeed! Soon we were parents, Though worn at the edges, … Continue reading

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Cocoon of Love

No greater love exits in this world, Than that of Mother for her little girl, Yeah there is that little boy, He’s more like Dad’s little toy.   At your own risk, say no way bub! Walk between lioness and … Continue reading

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Betty, Betty heart of gold …

She brought gold to lives, one rock at a time, Hope you value yours as I cherish mine, Rags to riches stories to be sure, Richer are we simply having known her.   Betty, Betty heart of gold, When God … Continue reading

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Poem for Debbie

When first we met I was swept away, Thoughts of you still haunt my days, Hands still grasp for my first touch, Moves me yet, can’t say how much.   Now apart my mind see’s your smile, Lazy thoughts of … Continue reading

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