Poem for Debbie

When first we met I was swept away,

Thoughts of you still haunt my days,

Hands still grasp for my first touch,

Moves me yet, can’t say how much.


Now apart my mind see’s your smile,

Lazy thoughts of you so I stay awhile.

Memories swarm, your eyes, your charm,

Remembering when I lay in your arms.


Fires burn hottest when fuel is young,

Quenching tears now salt my tongue,

Why, oh why, only ashes now?

Life has grown cold since your last bow.


What wouldn’t I do to turn back time?

When love was young and yours was mine,

For so long now I’ve carried this pain,

Yet every moment with you I’d not change.


This poem was long in wait to be written. As a full grown, albeit young  man, loosed on the world, Debbie was my first passion.  Today that passion is long supplanted by a “once in a lifetime love”, mine for my wife, to whom I have sworn my love and my life.


About Wint

Pray, love, parent, play, give back... repeat.
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