My wife just doesn’t get it …

I am concerned that she doesn’t quite get how much I love her and this misunderstanding manifests itself in often subtle ways and not so often in obvious ways.  Nailing down exactly what it is she doesn’t get boils down to only two things …

One … she doesn’t seem to get the profound nature of my love.  From all the things I do in my daily life a close examination would reveal to anyone my dedication to her, my appreciation for all she does for me, and how deeply I love her.

Two … she doesn’t get a husband that routinely tells her forthrightly in no uncertain terms that he loves her.

Lesson … Lee (that would be me) needs to more often open his mouth, unprovoked, and tell Katherine he loves her.  Not in some grandiose manner including a spray of flowers and boxed candies, but s simple unsolicited expression of love.

Today I make a commitment to honor myself by being more transparent in sharing with the world who I am.  A man desperately in love with my wife of 20 years.  A man blessed to have the love of Katherine Jean Pylant.

Luv ya babe!

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Pray, love, parent, play, give back... repeat.
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1 Response to My wife just doesn’t get it …

  1. Kat Pylant says:

    I love you too babe. I do know your love. It is expressed daily in all the things you do.

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