Joyful Exuberance of Youth (Diminishing)

For most of my adulthood I have enjoyed an ongoing sense of joyful exuberance.  Perhaps it has been my passion for learning new things that has kept me ever youth-like in my demeanor. 

Bottom line … on a timeline from A to B, with conception being A and death being B, as my mother inches ever so closer to B, my discomfort with my relative position to A becomes acute.  While I do not fear death, I am not at all happy with the pace at which my distance from A is seemingly accelerating.  I am having too much fun to be entertaining such morbid thoughts.

God, please hold my mother close and comfort her today and forever.  When Your time to take her from this world is nigh allow her a glimpse  back where she can see me and to remember our shared life experience.  Allow her to feel the love I have for her today and always.  Blessed be the One who gave me life and chose my mother for me.

Today I give praise to You, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. 



About Wint

Pray, love, parent, play, give back... repeat.
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