Through the Veil I Peer

I have lived with it for years.  It is now so much a part of me that I hardly notice it, but at times it comes into such sharp focus that I am barely able to see through and beyond it.  What it is?  It is the veil of denial.

This veil is a risk, a protection, a tool, a hindrance, a irritant, a suave.  It cannot be managed but it can be subjected to perspective by applying consideration and reason.

At this moment I embrace the deep love I have for my sister and I curse the veil for ever having marred my perception of the perfectness of that love.  She has been and will always be my sister Jan from whom I receive boundless support and love.

God I beseech you today to bless and care for my sister.  Please pull back the veil so that I might see the blessing that she is in my life.


About Wint

Pray, love, parent, play, give back... repeat.
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