The Long Haired Yellow Dog

Riding down the road the other day I found myself thinking that I was lazy listening, and singing, songs.  What I mean by that is singers rarely enunciate well enough, for me at least, to understand what the heck they are saying.  I recognized that it didn’t really bother me much and certainly not enough to actually go look up the words to songs.  Hence … the lazy part.

Back when I was painting for a living my sister worked for me for some years and was most times afforded the opportunity to hear me sing as I would almost always sing along to the radio.  One afternoon she started laughing near uncontrollably as I belted out, “Long haired yellow dog!”.  When she got a hold of herself she looked at me and said, “Long arm of the law!”  (In my defense … while I am not able to pull out the name of that song just now I can say it was NOT Kenny Rogers “Long Arm of the Law” that was on the radio that day.)

See?  I had (lazily) sung that song literally for years and by then knew the words by heart!

(IMO … Jagger is the worst with Springsteen running a  close second.)

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