You will be judged

You will be judged and you will pay penance. Not in this life you say? Lord knows what happens in an afterlife, literally! No, my friend, it is in this life penance is paid.

When you look in the mirror and examine a life, penance is paid. When you look for a friend lost, penance is paid. Only in courts is penance paid in cash. For people of honor and truth, penance is paid from the heart.

Who will be your judge and levy the fine? It is you, has always been you, and forever will be you. Others may attempt judgment and try for recompense, but true penance can only come from within, where the Trinity resides.

Escape is not an option. Where ever you run, you are found. As your shadow in the sun, so shall your penance follow your self-awareness.

Good News! There is always Good News! You are loved! Closer to you than even the shadow is God’s love. Breathed into your soul whilst nascent in the womb, before you managed your own breath, was God’s love.

Have another look in the mirror. Do you see Him? He is poised to catch the arc of the gavel as you move to convict. He offers clemency, forgiveness and love. No matter the perceived crime, He is looking upon His creation and rejoices in its perfection.

Trust in the Lord for it is from Him that all blessings flow.


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Pray, love, parent, play, give back... repeat.
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