A nickel for each if it was only a dime

There’s a guy I’ve known my whole life,

Through times of plenty and times of strife,

Whether it was his or it was mine,

A nickel for each if it was only a dime.


Though each of us had the same father,

His was the bowl and mine the water,

Two of them kept it all together,

Me with mine sloshed in bad weather.


With father gone we bid him goodbye,

Now standing alone yet still side by side,

When life’s winding ways leaves one uncertain,

Glance to other for a quick course correction.


Brothers by blood, brothers by God,

He smiles down on us with a wink and a nod,

With strength from each other we meet each new day,

To the end of our days so it will stay.



Offered with unashamed love and the utmost respect to a true man’s man, Barb.


About Wint

Pray, love, parent, play, give back... repeat.
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1 Response to A nickel for each if it was only a dime

  1. Katherine Pylant says:

    Very nice. I love.

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