I want to be like …

Ronald Wilson Reagan (click to watch)

I remember listening to him on the television and believing.  While he did not speak down to the audience he was certainly plain spoken.  Or at least it seems to me that way now.

When will we have another president that will speak to world leaders as plainly and forthrightly as did Reagan?  President Obama has the stage and the opportunity to speak to the leadership and the people in the middle east.  Will he match the verve and heart to match Ronald Reagan?  Sadly, I think not.

When will we have another president that inspires and leads the American populace?  His flaws notwithstanding, Bill Clinton had this.  George W. Bush demonstrated capacity for this while leading our nation during the 911 crisis.  Who shows the potential today?  For me, it is Marco Rubio.  I fully expect this man to step up to leadership in his time.

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