Rainy Days

Here in southwest Texas is a steady rain to start spring break week.  The Squid is home from college and disappointed we are not fishing.  Squid by the way is not bait but rather my daughter.  (She is “Squid” as a result of the countless hours we watched a cartoon together that referred to new/novice types as squids.)  Ever since she was introduced to fresh ceviche hanging out on the beach she has pushed me to take her fishing for trout at here every opportunity.  Being the somewhat unskilled salt water fisherman, we have yet to prepare our own ceviche. 

Last night Squid found an excellent parking space nearby Reliant Stadium where she attended the rodeo with friends.  When her friends discovered where she had parked they warned her she would be towed and indeed she was!  Sad smile  So Dad (that would be me) gets a call just as I am preparing to lay me down to sleep from a crying Squid.  Two hundred and thirty bucks and a few hours later, I did lay me down to sleep.  Let’s see …  do I make her pay for this?  Hmmm … the only income she has is her college stipend from me.  Why do Dads spoil daughters?  (Obvious rhetorical question.)

Rainy Saturdays are my opportunity further my yet  basic skills in HTML markup and Visual Basic programming.  Today I will try adding a “sandbox” page to this blog as a target for some markup.

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Pray, love, parent, play, give back... repeat.
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2 Responses to Rainy Days

  1. Kat Pylant says:

    Love a rainy day….especially with you.

  2. Aunt Terre says:

    i was at the dentist in Austin long enough to read all the things on your blog & write this note. What a pleasure it was! I especially enjoyed the one about the pancakes & spending summer with mother & daddy & barbee. They moved there as soon as I graduated from high school-made me wish I could have been there with you two!

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